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Live Blood Analysis

Blood is the river of life flowing through each of us. As human beings, we all inherently understand this. When a person sees their blood for the first time, they realize that there is dynamic activity taking place within. They begin to understand at deeper levels the need to take care of their health. It has consistently been shown that subsequent patient compliance with the doctor’s recommendations is greatly improved.      

The technology of viewing blood through a microscope is not new, however viewing Live Blood is!  Traditional methods involve staining techniques and stained blood is dead blood.  Live Blood Cell Analysis is a completely different technique.  It is unique.  It is real..

The main points addressed of the analysis:

              1. Over growth of bacteria, fungus, parasites, yeast and other                   
              2. Free radical damage and oxidative stress
              3. Over acidity and pH imbalance
              4. Liver stress
              5. Immune strength
              6. Digestive weakness
              7. Lymphatic congestion
              8. Nutritional deficiencies and more…

“There are microorganisms present in the blood, which live in harmony with the body”
“However when the body’s internal environment changes these microorganisms evolve into increasingly pathogenic and disease causing forms”

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